Kinnd - The Beginning

Kinnd - The Beginning

January 21, 2018


Just last March, we were sitting around the home discussing our thousandth business idea. When I say one thousand, I mean that ever since I’ve known my husband we’ve had an idea for a business on the side, but when we thought of Kinnd we put everything aside, took a huge leap of faith and never looked back. We didn’t know much, but we knew we wanted a company that gives back and that there was room in the market for a positive clothing brand for children and mothers. My husband had left his corporate job to partner up with his brother, Bobby, to tackle their first business journey together. Bobby packed up from San Diego to make the move to Minneapolis (yes crazy in itself), plus added new roommates to his life–his four and six year old nephew and niece.  We all bunked together for a year to get Kinnd off and running. While we wouldn’t recommend it for most people, we are successfully running Kinnd as a family team of three.

Several months later, here we are in January. We have come a long way from the initial start up phase, which was the simple goal of selling apparel for moms and their kids that promotes kindness.  Our initial designs were printed on blank items purchased from another USA apparel manufacturer.  As much as we loved the blanks, we quickly wanted more control over designs, fabrics, and quality.  We had such a bigger vision for Kinnd and have always had a love for design and fashion but none of us have had backgrounds in that area. We knew we wanted to stand out from other children’s apparel here in the US, and we knew making it ourselves would give us the quality we wanted.

Not knowing much about the industry, we quickly made moves to get up and running. Luckily, both Andrew and Bobby have experience in designing and running manufacturing operations, which has helped us grow quickly.  We started with a few home sewing machines and a basic screen printing set up and have grown to a full cutting and sewing studio, with all industrial sewing equipment along with a fully operational screen printing studio.  It's been 100 hour work weeks for my husband learning the ins and outs of producing the clothing that meets our quality standards. We've consulted with many industry experts to optimize our sewing process and facility.
We are now about to launch our spring collection, with every piece individually made here in Minneapolis. We wanted our spring line to be simple, comfortable, and timeless while continuing to add pieces that spread kindness in this world of ours.  

We hope you like our new collection as much as we do. We are beyond thankful for all of you who have joined our journey!

Stay Kind,

The Petersons

"I’m beyond thankful for the women I have connected with through this journey—mothers all over the world who are in the same boat as me.  Wanting this world to do better. Wanting kindness. As mothers, we really are our children’s first world, and what a beautiful thing that is, that we can instill empathy and kindness in them.”


XX - Raegan