Our Story

Kinnd Project was launched in 2017 to create a clothing brand that promotes kindness and helps kids who are in need.  Our small family team designs and manufactures each garment from start to finish at our studio in San Diego, California. By keeping our operations under one roof, we are able to make each item to order and produce the highest quality product with the least amount of waste.

How It's made


Natural fabrics sourced from knitting mills in California are cut to shape using an electric blade or rotary cutter. 


We take pride in the quality of our clothes since we sew each item ourselves.  Considerations such as stitch density, reinforcement, and seam construction are made to ensure our clothes can withstand the vigorous garment dyeing process and hold up to daily wear.

Garment Dye

Each item of Kinnd clothing starts off as raw, natural fabric. To get different colors, we use a process called garment-dyeing. As the name suggests, the method involves dyeing the finished garments after they have been cut and sewn.  This process produces finished pieces with a beautiful vintage look and feel that we love.


All of our screen printed designs use water-based inks to maintain the soft feel of our fabrics.  Many of our printed designs start as water paintings which are digitized and transferred to a silk screen for printing onto the garment.


The latest addition to our workshop is a computerized embroidery machine that allows us to add stitched designs to our pieces.  We're slightly obsessed with the embroidered look so expect to see more of this soon!